Release of the main visual by Ms. Shuri Fujikura

Following the entry from IMO nations and Domestic Early Entry in February, the Domestic General Entry window has opened since 1st March. This is open to the general public, for the people with Japanese nationality or residing in Japan, until  20 March.
Please review the detail of the domestic general entry window from the following links:

As the tournament is approaching less than 6 months, we are delighted to release the main visual for the event which is created by Ms. Shuri Fujikura, from Imakane Town in southern Hokkaido and currently an active paint artist based in Hakodate. This is the main visual.


The main visual will be used for various promotional materials including posters for the event.

We have also received a message from Ms. Fujikura:
“Nice to meet you, everyone.
I am Shuri Fujikura, a paint artist residing in Hakodate. I am truly honoured to be given the opportunity to contribute to the splendid occasion of the 2024 Mölkky World Championship in Hakodate! As a citizen of Hakodate, I am filled with pride and joy!
Prior to being approached for this project, I wasn’t very familiar with Mölkky, but as I learned more, I became captivated by its essence of ‘smiles,’ ‘peace,’ and ‘universality,’ realising it to be a sport where ‘anyone’ can engage in enjoyable communication regardless of age, gender, race, or disabilities. With such feelings, I have poured my heart into creating the visual!”

And here is her message to Mölkky players:
“To all the participating players from various countries, I believe you are diligently practising for the upcoming championship!!
As people from around the world gather in the land of Hokkaido-Hakodate, expanding the circle of communication, please enjoy Mölkky to the fullest! During the event, I hope you also take the time to enjoy sightseeing in Hakodate, which would be a delightful memory of your life! Mölkky is awesome!!!”

Shuri Fujikura

Born in Imakane Town, Hokkaido in 2003. In December 2020, the TV program “Dare mo Shiranai Akashiya Sanma” on Nippon TV became the opportunity of receiving attention as her oil painting debut piece was dealt by Mr. Sanma Akashiya, the famous comedian.
Currently residing in Hakodate City, she is actively engaged in various activities such as holding solo exhibitions. In 2023, she held a joint exhibition titled “THREE COLORS EXHIBITION” in Hakodate with GLAY’s TERU and architect/artist TAKUMI whom she has friendship with. Additionally, during the same period, she held her first solo exhibition in Tokyo, establishing herself as one of the young artists currently attracting attention.

Activity history:
[On TV]
Nippon TV “Dare mo Shiranai Akashiya Sanma”

[Solo Exhibition]
June 2021: Held her first solo exhibition “Me ‘Nou’ Color” at Hakodate International Hotel. (‘Nou’ has double meaning of ‘know’ in English pronunciation and ‘brain’ in Japanese)
March 2022: Painting exhibition “‘Mikan’ Drop” at Hakodate Aundo Hall. (‘Mikan’ means ‘incomplete’ in Japanese)
August 2022: Solo exhibition “‘Toro’ Style” at Hakodate International Hotel. (‘Toro’ means ‘reveration’ in Japanese)
October 2022: Solo exhibition “‘Kyu-sei’ BEAM” at Daimaru Sapporo Store. (‘Kyu-sei’ means ‘salvation’ in Japanese)
March 2023: Solo exhibition “BUG” at Hakodate Aundo Hall.
November 2023: Solo exhibition “Liberation” at Gallery HANA Shimokitazawa in Tokyo.

[Special Exhibition]
October 2021: Special exhibition at the 53rd Imakane Town Comprehensive Cultural Festival “‘Yu’ + more.” (‘Yu’ means ‘play’ in Japanese)

[Joint Exhibition]
November 2023: “THREE COLORS EXHIBITION” at Kanemori Red Brick Warehouse – Hakodate History Plaza, joint exhibition with rock band GLAY’s vocalist TERU and architect/artist TAKUMI.