Add 15 slots for Expanded General Entry

Regarding the expanded general entry starting from May 13th, we have decided to add 15 slots from the cancelled pool.

Please review the entry period and qualifications, and kindly apply for entry.
Additionally, as previously announced, the due date for change of team members and the team name is also extended as announced in the following page. Please check it together:

■Extend of period for accepting changes of members and team names

Expanded General Entry (Remaining Slots)

【Entry Period】
From 12:00 UTC on 13 May to 23:59 UTC on 18 May
(From 21:00 on 13 May to 8:59 on 19 May in Japan time)

【Entry qualifications】
None (anyone can apply)
*JMA Qualified Player registration is not required for this entry window.

【Selection Method】
By Lottery
By Lottery (*Lottery date is scheduled for 19 May, at 6pm Japan time)

Capacity: All remaining slots up to 96, carried over from Expanded Entry for IMO Member Nation and Domestic Second Chance Entry, plus 15 slots.
*If all 96 slots have already been filled, this window will be opened with 15 slots.
After applying, entry rights will be granted through a lottery on 19 May.

【Notes for entries】
(1) Team name and member names must be written in English characters (Romaji is acceptable, but Japanese characters are not).

(2) The lottery will be held on 19 May. Results will be notified via email from LivePocket to email addresses registered.
For those who won the lottery and chose “payment at convenience store” on application, the payment procedure for the entry fee will be described in the email, so please complete the procedure by the deadline. Payment of the entry fee constitutes completion of the entry process.
For those who chose “credit card payment” on application, payment will be automatically processed, so no additional steps are required. (Emails from LivePocket may be sorted into the spam folder depending on your email settings. Please be aware of this.)

  • If payment is not made by the deadline, your team will be removed from the selection list.

(3) Each team can only apply once.

(4) Members registered by the representative as part of the team cannot be duplicated in other teams. (The same representative or team members cannot apply multiple times.)

(5) Transferring winning slots is prohibited.

If the above precautions are not followed, or if any fraudulent action to increase the chances of winning is detected, the winning status of that team will be cancelled.

【How to apply an entry】
Please apply from the following page:

*Registration with LivePocket-Ticket- is required.
*Please review the FAQs:

*The following information is required for the entry:
(1) Team name (in English characters) (Romaji is acceptable, but Japanese characters are not)
*Do not use special characters (symbols, umlauts, etc.) which may cause garbled text in emails from JMA or in match tables of the tournament.

(2) Team representative: name(in English characters, Romaji is acceptable), gender, age group, address, phone number, email address

(3) Team members: name(in English characters, Romaji is acceptable), gender, age group for all team members

(4) Needs of any special assistance

Please review the event overview from the following links:

2024 Mölkky World Championship in Hakodate, JAPAN
■ Organizer: International Mölkky Organization (IMO)
■ Administrator: Japan Mölkky Association (JMA)
■ Supporters: Hokkaido / Hakodate City / Hakodate City Board of Education
National Institute of Technology, Hakodate College (N.I.T. Hakodate College) / Hokkaido Finland Association
■ Nominal Supporter: Embassy of Finland
■ Special Collaboration: Visit Finland (Finnish Tourist Board)
■ Collaboration: Kanazawa Culture and Sports Commission

【 Contact 】
Japan Mölkky Association; World Championship Section