The Tournament Regulations for 2024 Mölkky World Championship in Hakodate

We are pleased to announce the regulationfor the “Mölkky World Championship 2024 in HAKODATE”, scheduled to take place from Friday, August 23, to Sunday, August 25, 2024, in Hakodate, Hokkaido. 

The event brochure will also be available at a later date.

【Pairing for Preliminary Round】

The draw for preliminary round pairings, conducted fairly by JMA, will be compiled and published on the World Championship special website in early July.

2024 Mölkky World Championship in Hakodate, JAPAN
■ Organizer: International Mölkky Organization (IMO)
■ Administrator: Japan Mölkky Association (JMA)
■ Supporters: Hokkaido / Hakodate City / Hakodate City Board of Education
National Institute of Technology, Hakodate College (N.I.T. Hakodate College) / Hokkaido Finland Association / The Hokkaido Shimbun Press
■ Nominal Supporter: Embassy of Finland
■ Special Collaboration: Visit Finland (Finnish Tourist Board)
■ Collaboration: Kanazawa Culture and Sports Commission

【 Contact 】
Japan Mölkky Association; World Championship Section