Collaboration Merchandise for Popular Anime “Girls und Panzer das Finale” and “2024 Mölkky World Championships in Hakodate”

We are excited to announce the collaboration merchandise for the “2024 Mölkky World Championships in Hakodate” and the popular anime series “Girls und Panzer das Finale.”

Following the special character panel exhibition at the 2nd Mölkky Japan Open <Imabari City 20th Anniversary Tournament>, this collaboration brings fans delightful new items.

Cute illustrations of beloved characters playing Mölkky will feature on the merchandise. These items will add to the excitement of the World Championships and include practical goods for Mölkky games.

Pre-orders are now being accepted on the EC site “A-on Store,” and the merchandise will also be available at the tournament venue.

Don’t miss out on this special opportunity!

Please check the following links for more details (note: these sites are in Japanese only):

■ “Girls und Panzer das Finale” Official Website
NEWS: “Pre-orders for Girls und Panzer × Mölkky Merchandise Start!”
■ Girls und Panzer × Mölkky Merchandise Pre-order Special Page

2024 Mölkky World Championship in Hakodate, JAPAN
■ Organizer: International Mölkky Organization (IMO)
■ Administrator: Japan Mölkky Association (JMA)
■ Supporters: Hokkaido / Hakodate City / Hakodate City Board of Education
National Institute of Technology, Hakodate College (N.I.T. Hakodate College) / Hokkaido Finland Association / The Hokkaido Shimbun Press
■ Nominal Supporter: Embassy of Finland
■ Special Collaboration: Visit Finland (Finnish Tourist Board)
■ Collaboration: Kanazawa Culture and Sports Commission

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